From a letter written by Kevin Bott, founder of Rites4Return:

“As I dug into the literature, and then into the literature on rites of passage — from van Gennep to Eliade to Turner to… well… you — I knew that I possessed, in both practical skill and spiritual/emotional calling, the tools to create something real. And so in 2009, together with five formerly incarcerated men, I developed a 12-week program that culminated in a one-time-only threshold crossing witnessed by about 100 invited guests comprised of family members, loved ones, parole officers, case workers, and others. It was one of the most moving and powerful things I’ve ever been involved in. And the men who participated, with whom I am still close, continue to affirm the fact that it was, indeed, a transformative event in their lives. Many of their discoveries, in fact, happened in the moment of the rite of passage—unexpected insights and realizations that they were totally unprepared for. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that passages from your book Deeply Into the Bone figured prominently in the readings the men undertook to better understand rites of passage. The phrase, “finishing the unfinished business,” which you used to talk about the hungry ghosts that seek the completion of one’s life passages, was, for more than one person, the phrase that made the whole thing make sense to them. We called the project, Ritual4Return. “

Below is a video telling the story: