When I retired in 2008, I began giving away stuff. It’s 2020 and I’m still giving things away. What seemed like treasure back then is crap now. At first I resented giving things away, because I enjoyed collecting. Hang around me now, and I’ll be loading you with stuff. Check my front yard, more stuff every week. Come with a truck, and I’ll load you up. It should take me until I’m 80 to finish. After that, nothing will be left but body parts. Take what you want. If Susan will let you, you can have my bones and bleached out skull.

The children’s storybook that inspired this big give-away was written by Gordon Shepherd, a Montreal writer and filmmaker. Unfortunately, I have only a bad photocopy of the book and Gordon died in 2012. The illustrations by Jacques Rozier are fabulous, just like the story.

The Man Who Gave Himself Away (Harlin Quist Books, New York2w1qazw bvcxz\ xz 34r4ew21da\zsz, 1971),
written by Gordon Shepherd, illustrated by Jacques Rozier, read by Ron Grimes
Illustration by Robert Harwood
for GrimesFest
a retirement celebration
organized by Susan Scott in 2008